Of course, no meal is really complete without a fine bottle of wine. Or two, or more.  Let's work together to make this list more interesting. I started with my two favourites. Please email me your recommendations and I will add them to the list. If you can include a bit of explanation for each recommendation, great!



A while back, a friend from BC introduced me to Amarone. He assured me that I would like this wine. Robert was right. I loved it. It's my favourite by a log shot. This is not a light wine. it's a rich, dry Italian wine, which goes well with red meats or rich seafood. it costs a little more than the every day bottle, but it's well worth the expense. Click here to find out more about Amarones wines. 


I guess this is my second favourite. of course, all sorts of countries and vineyards make this wine. The Australia stuff is very popular and very good. If I don't buy Amarone, I would more likely buy the Yellow Tail stuff, which is really easy to find. As you may know, Shiraz is also pretty potent. So make sure you get a bottle of lighter stuff for guests who prefer Kool Aid.


I recently discovered Barolo. This is a  reasonably priced wine with deep cherry flavors, a medium-bodied wine with tamed tannins and a soft finish. Less intense then Amarone, but just as good.


White is not my forte. All I know is that my wife doesn't like Chardonnay and that she like Pinot Grigio. other than that, I know nothing. Please email me your white recommendations.

Fall in love with Amarone. It's Italian. It's strong. It's romantic. It's the best!